Pro/ENGINEER-Foundation II

Pro/ENGINEER-Foundation II

ptclogoAll Pro/ENGINEER packages build on and extend the basic, broad capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER-Foundation. As a stand-alone package it allows the user to create detailed solid and sheet metal components, build assemblies, design weldments, and produce fully documented production drawings and photo-realistic renderings. Built on the Pro/ENGINEER parametric solid-modeling kernel, it offers many industry-standard and direct data exchange translators for sharing and re-using data.


Assemblies – define and create complex assemblies.

Associative Drawing Tables – produce detailed reports that automatically update changes to design tables.

Basic Surface – create and trim surfaces using basic tools (extrude, revolve, blend, sweep, etc.) Perform surface operations such copy, merge, extend, and transform. Data Exchange – empower highly collaborative CAD/CAM development.

Fully Detailed Documentation and 2D Drafting – create complete, production-ready drawings.

Library – easy access to standard parts, features, tools, mold bases, connectors, pipe fittings, symbols, and human body dimensions.

Mechanism Design – assemble parts and assemblies using pre-defined connections (pin joints, ball joints, sliders, etc.) The mechanism assembly can then be interactively dragged through its range of motion.

ModelCHECK – evaluate parts, assemblies, and drawings to ensure that they adhere to a company’s modeling standards and best practices.

Photo-realism – quickly create accurate, photo-realistic images of Pro/ENGINEER parts and assembles.

Plotting/Printing – supports more than 150 plotters plus printers and plotters running on Microsoft Windows™ NT, 95, 98 and 2000).

Programmatic Interface – J-Link capability is a powerful new tool for expanding, customizing, and automating the functionality of Pro/ENGINEER.

Sheet Metal – quickly create sheet metal parts using sheet metal specific features such as bends, punches, forms, etc. Provide the ability to unfold sheet metal parts into accurate flat patterns.

VRML/HTML – export Pro/ENGINEER parts, assemblies, and process plans to Web pages using standard HTML, VRML, CGM, and JPEG formats and Java applets.

Weld Modeling and Documentation – define joining requirements for welded parts and assemblies and easily produce full, 2D weld documentation.