IEI’s Engineering Services

IEI’s Engineering Services

Innova Engineering, Inc. forged an effectively superior means of controlling the quality, set-up and administration of a complex 3D database in response to the demand of the Pro/Engineer user population. Our mission is to provide both product design and management services with an emphasis on engineering analysis administered via the Internet.

Our entry point is targeted at the design level, allowing early access to high performance database management tools for your design engineers. With this ground level entry, Innova Engineering is able to offer real world analysis of mission critical failure points with the intent to define a solution – solutions that provide meaningful design input as opposed to just an expensive warning of impending failure. This is all made possible per Innova Engineering’s Internet modality, allowing your design and engineering personnel access to the best tools with Innova’s trained analysis experts in an “on demand” utility.

The following is a list of key engineering services Innova Engineering can provide to your company instantly:

  • Project Management
  • Pro/Engineer system administration
  • Product design
  • “Top Down” Pro/E assembly models and procedures
  • Complex part and assembly design
  • Design for manufacturing assembly (DFMA)
  • Machine design
  • Advanced Surfacing
  • Design of injection molded parts and tools
  • Injection mold validation and oversight
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Full feature animation and simulation
  • Non-Linear engineering analysis of elastomers, thermoplastics and other low durometer, high displacement materials using MSC/MARC FEA solver
  • First pass structural analysis

Failure mode analysis integrated with product design