Innova Engineering’s Consulting Services

Innova Engineering’s Consulting Services

Innova Engineering, Inc. has been providing expert level consulting to assist not only in the initial implementation and administration of complex engineering datasets but also providing this service in an ongoing effort according to that company’s unique needs.

In conjunction, we have experienced consultative designers and engineers who are experts at MCAE systems that can offer practical solutions to real world engineering issues.

While these expert consulting services can be strategically utilized in a variety of ways, they can be summarized into four general categories:

  • The set up and optimization of the Intralink environment variables and site-specific configurations to insure maximum benefit and revision control compliance. For example, we can create a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the use of Pro/Intralink and Pro/Engineer.
  • The migration of existing legacy data into the Intralink environment, formulating a customized Pro/Intralink solution company specific. This can include the creation of a browser based intranet system for associative distribution of Pro/Engineer data to non-Pro/Engineer users.
  • Intranet based bundling of fully associative Pro/Engineer solid models with third party manufacturing documents, for an engineering driven document management system.

Provide top level consulting of Pro/Intralink and Pro/Engineer in addition to offering on demand engineering support during peak load conditions.